Our range of personal counseling and care placement services

With you every step of the way.

Our personalized service is the easiest way to find your ideal caregiver. With our experienced consultants and comprehensive services, you’ll benefit from a personal contact who’ll help you coordinate the search and selection process.

We’ll provide you with up to three qualified caregiver profiles that have passed a multi-stage screening process to determine their qualification; which includes identity and employment reference checks, as well as a suitability assessment. In addition, we conduct personal interviews to help narrow down the final list of caregiver candidates.

We can assist you in finding care across the following areas:

  • Childcare
  • Pet care
  • Home and garden help
  • Care for the elderly

The cost of using the personal counseling and care placement services are covered by your employer; however the costs incurred by hiring a caregiver are solely your responsibility.

What are the costs you can expect?

A breakdown of the average costs for care services is provided below:

Nanny: €10–€15/ hour*
Childminder: €5–€10/ hour*
Housekeeper: €8–€14/ hour*
Pet sitters: from €6/ hour*
*Depending on the region, these rates may vary.